The best natural bodybuilder of all the times

The best natural bodybuilder of all the times

Please Welcome to Master Wallace!

If you're watching these pictures thinking to a Mister Olympia's body, you'll be disappointed. If you're watching these pictures thinking to a champion on the stage dehydrated by diuretics, you'll be disappointed. But if you're watching these pictures thinking to a 51 years old man, totally natural and without the use of steroids, that poses at home, or during a workout, you will be shocked!

It's Master Wallace!

He has the the most amazing natural body of all times! Master Wallace shows huge and ripped muscolar masses! On an height of 177 cm, and with a weight of 93 kg, he reached the definition with a very low body fat percentage, maintaing muscles with volumes that have no equals in the natural world and probably even better than a lot of low rank doped guys. Master has no weak muscolar points! All the muscolar groups are at the maximum level of development and definition. Master doesn't take patinated pictures with professional techniques, Master only takes craft and sometimes strange pictures, but no one can not remained shocked by watching his body!

How the Legend is born

So his fame was born and developed in the web and in the bodybuilding world. Master at home, or in the gym shows the most amazing natural muscolar masses ever seen, that can't be reached without the use of steroids. So here is why he became the idol of hundreds of thousands young guys! There will be lots of critics from doped and from mediocre people. We'll see if someone really natural will try to compare with the Master's body. Master is our fisical and spiritual guide. And so here to you 78 Master's pictures, the King of Naturals, took in various preparation periods, both at home than in the gym. Faith in yourselves. Forever!

master wallace
Italian Body è oggi uno dei siti più completi e visitati sul Body Building Natural: buona parte della sua fama è garantita da Master Wallace, il suo fondatore, un culturista dalla personalità carismatica e unica.
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